Presentation of the Department

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a discipline that integrates several fields of engineering, mathematics and computer science to develop both computer hardware and software. Computer engineering generates the easiest and fastest technical solutions to facilitate the daily life with using computers. The analysis, design, development, and maintenance of system that includes both software and hardware components are the essential scopes in computer engineering. The four year Computer Engineering Degree course focuses the theory and principle of engineering, and mathematics. Theoretical knowledge is used to design computer and computer-based systems and to develop software on digital systems by students.

Our students take core courses about the principle of the computer science, computer hardware and architecture, several programming languages, data structures and algorithms, operating systems, and communication networks. Elective courses are offered to specialize in the areas of computer system design, artificial intelligence, network systems and security, software engineering, and latest web technologies. We apply problem solution oriented education and training to prepare the students for the work life. Courses involve intense project and experimental studies that are closely related with industrial needs. 


Specialty Areas of Computer Engineering

  • Computer Systems, Architecture, Parallel Processing
  • Computer Networks, Communications, Mobile Systems
  • Computational Science And Engineering
  • Signal, Image and Speech Processing
  • Robotics
  • Embedded Systems
  • Programming Language and Operating Systems
  • Bioinformatics and Medical Applications
  • Cloud Computing Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications


Facilities of Laboratories and Research

Computer Engineering Department has well-equipped research laboratories for applied-research and course practices. There are  four computer laboratories, one mobil development laboratory, one hardware laboratory, one digital design laboratory, one microprocessors laboratory, one web laboratory, one control system and robotic laboratory, and one electric-electronic laboratory in Computer Engineering Department. Our students can access all labs to study at any time. All computers are connected to internet and each other via fiber optic spine network.


Work Opportunities of Computer Engineering

Today, computer technology is related to several fields such as mainly communications, health, education, economy, defense, banking, and etc. Hence, there are many work opportunities and choices in different areas that connect with computers for computer engineers. Graduates can work in the computer centers of different public or private companies and research centers. They can be involved in the process from the design and implementation stage of software or the evaluation stage to testing and maintenance, or any single stage of the software projects of any type of business. With sufficient career experience and the right qualifications, our graduates can also oversee projects and be employed in management roles. They can also pursue an academic study and get master’s degree or PhD for continuing their careers.



The mission of the Computer Engineering Department  is to prepare our students as graduates socially and ethically conscious engineers that are equipped with the adequate theoretical, practical, leadership and teamwork skills that they can use to creatively design, implement, and maintain the computer software, hardware and information systems, in today's technology.


Program Duration

The duration of the program is eight terms, which takes four years. If students fulfill the requirements of the program, they can be granted the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. The official language of instruction is English. Addition to industrial internship, students take workplace training in one semester during their education. Students have also opportunities to register to double and minor programs.

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